What is Fairy Cat?
The Fairy Cat (abbreviation: F-Cat) is a sub-project of the "Aid for Every Stray Cat in the World" project initiated by Rock, a cat lover in Japan. It is developed by the Qiya Game Studio team, a category of blockchain games.
In F-Cat, you can let your Fairy cat find treasures for you. These treasures will become your assets in F-Cat.They can be exchanged for USD and withdrawn whenever you want. We hope that your profits in the game can be used to rescue stray cats or other stray pets around you, and treat every pet around you with kindness.
Find Treasure
Choose a desired Fairy cat in F-Cat, it will find treasures for you every day, you just need to use energy to exchange these treasures with it, each person can adopt up to 10 Fairy cats , each cat can be upgraded to level 5, and the value of treasures that can be found by Fairy cats of different levels is different. More cat types are in the progress of development!
Fusion system
Fairy Cat Lv1 is an essential part of the F-Cat, and is bonded to the dollar in a 1:1 proportion. 1 elf = 1 dollar, and a Fairy Cat Lv1 worth 10 dollars is equivalent to 10 elves.
If you use the Fusion system, you will have a 50% chance of getting a Fairy Cat Lv1 by using 5 elves. This is a very interesting system, and you can also use props to increase the fusion rate to 100%, so that you can get a $10 Fairy Cat Lv1 for $1.
Commission agent system
F-Cat is a paid promotional game. You can get a commission by inviting friends to play the game. We will use part of the product hosting fee charged by the platform to pay the game promoters. Each promoter can get the corresponding commission.
Use your exclusive promotional link to invite your friends to find the treasure together.
How to download the game
The Fairy Cat works together with MetaMask owners, you can use Metamask to open the official website of The Fairy Cat to play the game, of course you can also use other wallets to experience the game, such as Huobi, Trust Wallet, etc.
Game Information
About the team
The Qiya Game Studio team focuses on the development of Fairy Cat. Some of our team members have been working on games such as League of Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls 3, Marvel’s Spider-Man,.. Now we are excited to build Fairy Cat
Kanan Sharma
Linda Leung
Liam Cheung
Design Director
Jordan Lee
Henry O'Ryan
Benny Choo
Designer Assistant
JR Lam
Background system Manager
Senior System Designer
System Designer
Henry Tran
Helen Anne B.
Project Manager
Tiffany Lee
David Smith
Chief Technology Officer
F. Kenji
Senior Technical Artist
Iris Wu
Concept Artist
Tanya Juvina
Concept Artist
Dela cruz
Art Director
Jade Hsu
Associate Art Director
Jay Ong
Senior Backend Developer
Peter Yee
Senior Unity Developer
Li Wang
Unity Developer
Jeff Zhao
Unity Developer
Elle Hathaway
Community Manager
Katie K.
Community Support
Irene Kou
Community Support
Yue Han
Senior QA Engineer
Raymond Chen
Senior QA Engineer
Alan J.
Senior UI Designer
Arthur Camara
Senior UI Designer
Dinane Lafrance
Business and support
Trust Wallet
Frequently Asked Questions
It is P2E?
Yes , Fairy Cat is a play-to-earn game. It mean that players can earn real-world assets by playing a game.
Will it be P2W?
We are limiting P2W as much as we can. Collectibles that can be purchased hardly affect gameplay.
Do i need a phone to play?
Yes, Fairy Cat is designed for mobile.
Will it be PVP?
We will add a PVP system in the near future, players can plunder each other's materials through battles.
Can I keep track of the game?
You can follow along our development updates that are released monthly, where you can keep track on what the team has been working on.
Any gameplay information?
To understand more about the gameplay of Fairy Cat, you can check in game info.
What is the daily rate of return?
Currently collecting treasures in the game can bring you a rate of return of 2.5%-3.5%/day.
What benefits can I get by inviting my friends to play?
Invite friends to get a 3% commission of the friend's income, and also get 2% commission for the second-level agent and 1% commission for the third-level agent.
Do I have to download a wallet to play the game?
Yes, we recommend you to download Metamask, click to download.
Can I withdraw cash at any time?
Yes, we provide you with 24-hour cash withdrawal service at any time.
Can the Fairy Cat I bought be sold?
Yes, you can sell your Fairy Cat at any time.